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Changing domain password over VPN

In Active Directory environment, the default domain policy, specifically the password expiration policy, can cause resource access issues to VPN users who typically login with cached credentials. When their password is about to expire, they do not receive password change notification, which ultimately results in their account being locked out. This issue gets resolved by the users having to call …

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Group Policy Updates

Group Policies apply when the computer starts up or when the user logs in. And after that event, every 90 minutes on a domain computer. This may work very well for LAN connected computers, however, for remote computers that generally start up without being connected to corporate network and the user logs in with cached credentials, the event based Group …

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Duplicate DNS records

DNS Scavenging is a feature that must be enabled so the stale DNS records get deleted. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. Administrators managing desktops and laptops have to work with DHCP Lease period and DNS Scavenging No-Refresh and Refresh period in order for the systems to work optimally. For example, an administrator may configure the DHCP …

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