How does one configure ADCE settings ?

ADCE default installation will get you started with the core features i.e. Password Change notification, Group Policy refreshes, User Login Script execution, Kerberos ticket refreshes.

In order to customize the settings for other features, the administrator may choose to edit GPO using the Administrative Template provided with the software.

1. Launch GPMC.MSC. You may have to “Download” and install GPMC from Microsoft site.

2. Select the domain or an OU that contains the computers you wish to manage with ADCE.

3. Create a new GPO or edit existing GPO if that is more appropriate for your environment.

4. Right mouse click on the GPO you wish to manage and select ‘Edit’. This will launch the Group Policy Editor.

5. Expand the treeview under Computer Configuration.

6. Select ‘Administrative Template’. Right mouse click on it and select ‘Add /Remove templates’.

7. Browse to folder containing the .adm file. Typically, all .adm files are stored under WindowsINF folder. You can also load the .adm file from the folder where the .adm file is extracted.

8. In Group Policy Editor, expand the “SYNERGIX AD Client Extensions” branch and configure the settings as appropriate.
Refer to the *Explain* tab of the Group Policy settings for more details on specific GPO setting.

9. Close out Group Policy Edit and Group Policy Management Console

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