AD Client Extensions

SYNERGIX AD Client Extensions offers several benefits that surpass the value provided by inherent client in Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) operating systems.


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Enterprise Ready !

  • Multiple Editions
  1. Standard
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise
  • Enhances Windows User Experience
  • VPN Client Agnostic
  • Central Management using Group Policy settings
    • Software includes Group Policy Administrative Template file
    •  Multilingual User Interface
    • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish

Local Administrator Password Management

  • Encrypted passwords are stored in Active Directory
  • Password can be decrypted by designated admin only
  • Passwords are changed periodically and re-validated
  • Additionally, Backup Administrator can have fixed or system generated complex password

User Password Expiration Notification

  • Password Expiration Notification
    • Notification is displayed even when the computer is offline from Active Directory
    • Notification is displayed even when all Windows balloon notifications are suppressed
  • Feature addresses issue surfaced in Windows 7.0
  • Synchronize domain credentials with cached credentials
  • Avoid account lockout</>
    • Remote logoff user when password is changed by user on one machine or by administrator

Group Policy Updates

  • Group Policies refresh when VPN connection is established
  • When installed on LAN connected office computers, Group Policies are deferred to improve user logon experience


Kerberos Tickets refresh

  • Kerberos Tickets refresh when VPN connection is established
  • Users are immediately granted access to new network resources or are denied access when security group membership is changed and without user logoff & login again.
  • Computer object group membership change are applied without requiring a restart.

Advanced Kerberos Tickets Management

  • Kerberos Tickets refresh instantaneous
    • When user or computer group membership is changed
    • Group membership changes can occur on ANY domain controller
    • User are never required to log off or restart their domain computers
    • Feature improves Windows User Experience level
    • Feature benefit extends to LAN connected office computers

Duplicate DNS Records Reconciliation

  • Avoid duplicate DNS records created by remote computers
  • Eliminate DNS name resolution issues
  • Scavenging of client computer’s DNS record is initiated by client computer

Scripts Execution, When VPN Connection Is Established

  • User Logon Script
  • GPO Assigned User Logon Scripts
  • GPO Assigned Computer Startup Scripts
  • VPN Connection and Disconnection Scripts

User Home Drive Mapping

  • Map user home drive to specified home folder

Manage Computer And User Attributes

  • description, location, managedBy and user accountExpires

Self Service

  • Manage user personal information attributes, including thumbnailPhoto attribute