ADCE: Temporary Elevated Privileges

There are cases where the business situations override technology standards forcing IT administrators to support legacy applications and to grant users elevated privileges on their workstations. In other cases, business user may require temporary elevated privileges to configure the operating system, for instance, to install printer drivers or to install some software.

The software allows authorized users to have elevated privileges for specific time period, 60 minutes being the default value.  Administrators fulfill such service requests by adding users in specific Active Directory security group.  When the pre-configured time elapses, users access is revoked without forcing them to logoff and login again. The software allows the administrators to exclude privileged computers such as those in an Industrial Plant, in a Laboratory or a Kiosk station preventing users from having elevated rights on them.
Easy Administration

Administrators grant elevated rights to users by using native Microsoft Active Directory Management Tools.

Excluded Computers

Special purpose computers such as those in an Industrial Plant or in a Lab can be excluded.

In-Session Updates

Elevated privileges are granted without requiring the user to logoff and login again.

Granting Privileges

User are granted elevated privileges as soon as they verify their credentials.

Real Time Updates

User privileges are updated within minutes after their security group membership is updated.

Elevated Privilege Acknowledgement

Elevated privileges are granted only after domain credentials are verified.

Privileged Local Groups

The administrator can select from any of the default local groups on a Windows computer.

Revoking Privileges

User privileges are revoked as soon as the preset time elapses.