Secrets Vault Password Rotation As a Service

Managed Services

Resources are hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

  • – Resources hosted in customer’s Azure subscription
  • – Nominal Microsoft Azure charges

High Security

Password Rotation As a Service

Safeguard privileged local accounts on Azure AD joined and on premises AD joined Windows computers from being compromised and reduce the chances of Pass-the-Hash (PtH) attacks.

  • – Local Administrator Account Password
  • – Alternative Administrator Account Password
  • – Local User Account Password
  • – Auditing
  • – Instrumentation
  • – Account Logon Name Rotation

Local Accounts Password Management

Random Names and Random Passwords

Randomly generated logon names. And with complex and long passwords, unique to each computer.

  • – Password Complexity
  • – Password Maximum Age
  • – Password Length
  • – Password Validation
  • – Password History
  • – Strong Encryption

Security Vault

Audit extension

Learn who, why and when an authorized admin retrieved the password of a managed privileged account.

  • – By Account Type
  • – By Admin Account
  • – By Computer
  • – By Date Range

RBAC Security Operations Center

Multiple Local Accounts Management extension

Use Alternate Administrator Account for troubleshooting purposes instead of the Built-In Administrator Account.

  • – Administer workstation with non S500 account
  • – Account logon name changes with password change

Avoid use of well known account S-500

Secrets Vault Features Password Rotation As a Service

Local Account Password

Complex password is encrypted and stored in the vault.

Local Account Rename

Managed Local Accounts are renamed frequently.


Audit Panel for SoC Analysts.


Inventory Reports based upon Windows Management Instrumentation.

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How is the product licensed ?

The software subscription is based upon count of Azure AD and AD joined computers.

How do I deploy the software on endpoints?

The package is a standard MSI formatted package that can be deployed using software distribution tools like Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft Intune or 3rd party software.

Do I need to setup and manage dedicated server ?

Appropriate resources in your Azure subscription are provisioned for the software to work. There is no need to setup a dedicated virtual server in Azure environment.

Do we need to upgrade the AD schema ?

No schema changes are required in on-premises Microsoft AD or in Microsoft Azure AD.

How do I configure resources in Azure ?

Run Powershell scripts provided in the downloaded package to deploy required resources in your Azure subscription.

Do you provide support for x86 and x64 platforms ?

The software works on x86 and x64 platform of Windows, from Windows 7.0 to Windows 10 including server operating systems from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2019