A Leslie

Finally here’s one multi-purpose extension to Microsoft Windows operating system that removes the clutter created by many.

M Corey

Universal LDAP name ?  That is a great feature.   You guys have quite a knack for finding holes in the Microsoft implementations and coming up with good solutions for them.

F Brice

Over 30% of calls to service desk are related to Password Reset and Account Unlock incidents.  ADCE implementation has significantly reduced number of support calls.

D Karla

ADCE helps comply with IT Security best practices. Our end users operate their Windows computer with least privileges and when in need, we enable their user account for Temporary Elevation, granting them elevated rights for selected period of time.

M Johnson

The offline Password Expiration notification is a boon, along with the Remote Logoff when a user is logged into multiple computers and their password is changed.  It avoids account lockout from occurring.