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Windows Extensions Framework by Synergix

Learn more about Windows Extensions (WE) Framework. We look forward to meeting you in Chicago for the Microsoft 2015 Ignite Expo held from May 4th - 8th. Visit us at Booth #340 near the Microsoft Windows pavilion and Lounge #5.

SYNERGIX ADCE Password Vault

Data Security Standard Compliance

Stop using Group Policy Preferences to manage Built-In Admin Account Password. With ADCE, Built-in Administrator account passwords are system generated and stored in encrypted format in the password vault in Active Directory. Passwords are validated regularly and reset to maintain the integrity of the password vault. The password vault is infallible to the extent of AD Domain Infrastructure.


AD Client Extensions

ADCE delivers a feature rich product suite with Password Expiration, Group Policy Updates, Kerberos Ticket Refreshes, Built-in Administrator Account Password Management, Temporary Elevation of User Accounts, Secure Network Connections, Duplicate DNS Records, GPO Assigned Script Execution & more. ADCE is a solution framework and easily extensible.

You know Logoff and Restart are the new curse words

You know Logoff and Restart are the new curse words

SYNERGIX ADCE makes logoff and restart of Windows client computer an archaic user operation. Kerberos Ticket for user & computer object refresh in seconds after group membership change and without having to logoff. Plus, group policy refreshes, logon scripts and more ... Branch Offices can operate without RoDC.

Fast Logon Optimization

AD Client Extensions defers the processing of Group Policy objects until after the user has logged in. It brings back 'Fast Logon for Windows 7.0' that was abandoned after Windows XP.

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Password Expiration Notification

Password Expiration Notification

Password Expiration Notification is essential in Domain Password Policy Enforcement. AD Client Extensions will notify users logging in with cached credentials about their password expiration. The feature also works on workgroup computers and other untrusted domain computers and VDI where the users may disconnect but remain logged in for extended period of time.

Group Policy Enforcement

Group Policy Enforcement

Group Policies refresh within seconds, after connection to the corporate network is established, via VPN or WiFi. AD Client Extensions eliminates the guesswork in Group Policy enforcement.

Kerberos Ticket Refreshes

Kerberos Ticket Refreshes

Kerberos Tickets are refreshed as soon as corporate network connecivity is established or when user or computer group membership is changed. No need for the user to logoff and login again. This enables the user to get instantaneous access to resources or be denied access based upon security group membership changes.

VPN Client Agnostic

VPN Client Agnostic

Compatible with all VPN Client Applications. Its architecture is free of custom GINA extensions and makes it work seamlessly with Cisco VPN Client, Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, Juniper Networks SSL VPN, Nortel, OpenVPN and many others

Secure Network Connections

Secure Network Connections

The physical network is fully secured until an authorized and previously active user logs into the computer. The network connection state change is completely transparent to the end user. It also improves Windows User Experience significantly on LAN connected computers by delaying Group Policy refreshes by few seconds. System maintenance tasks are performed during scheduled maintenance window.

WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager

An IP address saved is an IP address earned. When a wired connection is detected, ADCE will first release the IP address assigned to WiFi connection and then, disable the connection. WiFi connection is re-enabled again when wired connection is disconnected by the user.

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Windows Extensions. Making Windows Better!

Top 5 Reasons to Get AD Client Extensions Now!

Policy Compliance

1Enforce same password policy across the enterprise and on all Windows user accounts. There is no need to configure fine-grained password policy. AD Client Extensions notifies users logging in with cached credentials about password expiration and repeats notification to increase effectiveness of password maximum age policy.

Support Costs

2Manage your remote users easily. Help them comply with domain password policy, refresh group policies, synch cached credentials with domain credentials, update security token without re-logging in, map home drive, execute user logon scripts, managed duplicate DNS entries and more. VPN connection is the trigger !

Client Agnostic

3One software that works across all VPN client software like Cisco VPN Client, Cisco AnyConnect, Juniper SSL based VPN, OpenSSL and several others. AD Client Extensions will launch user logon scripts, GPO assigned computer startup scripts and user logon scripts. Unique to ADCE is the feature to run VPN connection and disconnection scripts

Productivity Gain

4AD Client Extensions enables Windows User to operate their computers like a Tablet or a Smartphone. WAO your computer ! With “Windows Always On” (WAO), users avoid system startup and user logon delays. Group Policy refreshes are deferred until the user is logged in, Kerberos tickets refreshes represent most current user privileges.

No Schema Changes

5No changes in Active Directory schema are required. And there is no need to install any software on a domain server. ADCE does not modify the GINA / Network Credential Provider on the client computer and thus, maintains the integrity of the Windows operating system. ADCE works well with 3rd party GINA installations such as Sophos Safeguard, McAfee Disk Encryption and other such products.

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