Synergix Products Profile

Windows Extensions (WE) Framework by SYNERGIX extends the capabilities of Windows Operating System in an Active Directory domain environment. It bridges several gaps related to Windows Security, Network Services and enhances Windows User Experience. Several products have been developed using the WE Framework.

ADCE (Active Directory Client Extensions)

SYNERGIX ADCE (Active Directory Client Extensions) for Microsoft® Windows™ is a unique software solution that bridges the gap between LAN connected computers and remote (VPN or WiFi) computers. Remote users logging in from a domain computer or a personal computer in a workgroup to the corporate network using VPN client software are presented with several challenges; these translate into poor user experience and increased desktop management and support costs.

  • Manage Unique Passwords for Built-In Administrator Accounts
  • Temporary Elevation of Domain User Account
  • Refresh Group Policies on VPN connected computers
  • Process Computer Startup script even when logging in with cached credentials
  • Update Kerberos Tickets and Primary Access Token without logoff and restart
  • Vendor Agnostic Wi-Fi Adapter Management
  • Eliminate duplicate DNS records
  • Strong Password Validation and Password Strength Indicator
  • and more …

SEVA (Secrets Vault)

Synergix SEVA (SECRETS VAULT) otherwise known as LAPS for Azure is a complete and total replacement and update to Microsoft LAPS.. SEVA supports multiple local accounts password rotation on Windows, Unix and MAC that are Azure AD Joined, On Prem AD Joined, Workgroup Joined or hosted in AWS, GCP or with any other cloud service provider.

SEVA is a native, born in cloud solution, that makes optimal use of Azure resources keeping the operational costs to a bare minimum. All required (serverless) resources are deployed in customer’s Azure Subscription.

SEVA provides Password-Rotation-As-a-Service to Azure AD Joined, On Premises Active Directory Joined and Workgroup Joined Windows Computer.  It is cloud service provider agnostics  and one solution that works across the board.  It supports Microsoft Windows, MacOS, UNIX and various other Operating Systems that support .NET Core 3.1.  It provides rich reporting capabilities and security event forwarding feature.

Start now and safeguard privileged local accounts on Azure AD joined and on premises AD joined Windows computers from being compromised and reduce the chances of Pass-the-Hast (PtH) attacks.

NICE (Network Infrastructure Client Extensions)

NICE (Network Infrastructure Client Extensions) helps reduce enterprise application downtime. It extends Windows capabilities by integrating core Network Services (DNS Client, DNS Server, DHCP Server, WINS Client and WINS Server) with Active Directory Site Topology. NICE intelligently re-configures Windows DNS Client when network changes are detected thus delivering optimal performance for various enterprise applications.


It is well known that LDAP Server specified as [domainFQDN] is not efficient and specified as [dcFQDN] has no fault tolerance. With NICE installed on Windows Application Servers, single LDAP Server Name, example ldap, always finds closest and high ranking Active Directory DC across the enterprise. It add AD Site Awareness feature to vendor Applications and Home Grown Applications without requiring any application code changes. Enterprise Application that are integrated with Active Directory will fall back upon another available domain controller thus reducing application downtime caused due to domain controller outages or

GALE (Global Address List Extensions)

Global Address List Extensions (GALE) is a self-service web application that facilitates easy searches and updates in Active Directory environment. It has Read/Write capability that allows the systems administrator to configure attributes that can be validated and then, updated by the end users. The software tracks changes made to the editable attributes and can generate audit reports.


The search scope can easily be customized using LDAP Search Strings that can include or exclude specific Active Directory domains. For instance, you can exclude searches in Active Directory Forest Root Domain and in domains that may be set specifically for resources only.


Read/Write capabilities are easily customizable. For instance, users can be required to enter their telephone number following the ITU-T recommendation E.164.


The details view of a user object shows various categorizes using tab controls, with one tab that can be customized to display attributes that are selected by the systems administrator.

Active Directory Users and Computers Plus (ADUC+)

ADUC Plus is a web based software that allows Active Directory administrators easily and effectively manage user and computer objects; it beats Windows based MMC console performance by several folds. ADUC Plus helps improve the quality of data stored in Active Directory, making it a reliable source of data across the enterprise.


ADUC Plus presents an Enterprise view of Active Directory that goes beyond the standard ‘Domain view’ that is presented in most of Microsoft’s management consoles.  The ‘Enterprise view’ in ADUC Plus presents data from all Active Directory forests in the same web interface.