The Ultimate Windows Extensions for the Enterprise Users The software that addresses Security concerns, Windows User Experience and Service Level concerns

Local Administrator Password Management extension

Safeguard privileged local accounts from being compromised and reduce the chances of Pass-the-Hash (PtH) attacks.

  • – Unique Passwords
  • – Unique encryption key
  • – Password Masking
  • – Auditing
  • – Supports multiple local accounts

Low cost yearly subscription

Temporary Elevation of Domain User Account extension

Grant users elevated privileges on demand. Revert back access level automatically.

  • – Elevated Privileges on demand
  • – Revert back access in 60 minutes
  • – Use standard Microsoft tools
  • – Exclude specific computers

Unsurpassed Value

In-session Kerberos Refresh extension

Logoff and logon or computer restart are now archaic operations required to refresh Kerberos Tickets and to update Access Tokens

  • – Near real-time update of Kerberos Tickets & Access Tokens
  • – Independent of AD Replication
  • – Improve End User Experience. No logoff & login required.
  • – Improve User Access Management service level

Unique Selling Proposition

ADCE Features Active Directory Client Extensions

Local Account Password

Complex password is randomly generated, encrypted and stored in AD.

Offline Notification

Password Expiration Notification is displayed even when computer is offline.

Temporary Elevated Privileges

Users are granted elevated rights for preset time only.

Self Service

Password Reset. Account Unlock. Allow Updating Selected User Attributes.

Advanced Kerberos

Near real-time and in-session update of Kerberos Tickets and Access Token.

DNS Client Management

Reconcile duplicate DNS Records. Safe Browsing on untrusted networks.

Group Policy Refreshes

Consistent and predictable Group Policy Refreshes on VPN computers.

Universal LDAP Name

Independent of DNS, same name always resolves to closest available DC.

FAQ - You got questions? We got answers!

How is the product licensed ?

The software is licensed per computer.

How does one deploy the software ?

The package is a standard MSI formatted package that can be deployed using GPO Software Distribution method or using software distribution software like Microsoft SCCM, LANDesk, etc.

What is required to upgrade from one edition to another edition?

Merely purchase appropriate license and insert the product activation key in the GPO to upgrade from one edition of the software to another edition.

Do we need to upgrade the AD schema ?

No Active Directory schema changes are required.

How do I configure the software settings ?

Using the GPO Administrative Template file, you can centrally manage the software configuration. The GPO Administrative Template also includes online help.

Do you provide support for x86 and x64 platforms ?

The software works on x86 and x64 platform of Windows, from Windows 7.0 to Windows 10 including server operating systems from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 R2

ADCE Editions Pricing

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  • Standard

  • Starter Edition

  • Starter Edition
  •   Easy Upgrade to Next Edition
  •   Password Expiration Notification
  •   Kerberos Ticket Refresh
  •   Group Policy Refreshes
  •   Synchronize Windows Clock Time
  •   Managed Computer Account Attributes
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  • Professional

  • Middle Ground

  • Middle Ground
  •   Easy Upgrade to Next Edition
  •   Self Service / User Attributes
  •   Duplicate DNS Record Reconciliation
  •   Fast Logon Optimization For Windows 7
  •   Manage DHCP Vendor Class ID
  •   Safe Browsing Network
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  • Enterprise

  • Feature Rich

  • Feature Rich
  •   Local Administrator Password Management
  •   Advanced Kerberos Ticket Management
  •   Universal LDAP Name Resolution
  •   IPv4 Properties in ipHostNumber attribute
  •   Wi-Fi Network Manager
  •   BYOD Support
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