SEVA, Azure Marketplace Certified Privilege Access Management

Local Admin Password

Complex password is randomly generated, encrypted and stored in customer's Azure Tenant
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Backup Admin Password

Non S-500 account, to be used as break glass account instead of Built-In Administrator
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Local User Password

For login with least privileges, when ADDS or AzureAD fail due to broken connection
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Azure AD Joined

Support for Windows 10 Azure AD Joined Computers.
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On Prem AD

Support for Windows and non-Windows ADDS Joined Computers.
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Other Domains

Support for Windows and non-Windows in Workgroup, DMZ, AWS, GCP and more.
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Role Based Access

Delegate access based upon device type and limit to one or more local account password retrieval.
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Internet Proxy

Direct connection to Azure resources using Internet Proxy.
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Third party

Integration with serviceNow.
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Support for Windows 7.0, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008/R2 and higher versions
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Support for all current versions of MacOS.
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Support for many flavors of Unix.
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Azure Marketplace Certified

Available in Azure Commercial and Azure Gov

Easy Deployment

Packages available in Windows MSI, MacOS DMG and UNIX TAR formats

Easy Configuration

Centrally manage endpoint configuration with an easy update.

Cloud Service Ready

Zero On Premises Infrastructure.

Data Privacy

All resources remain in your Azure Tenant

Cross Platform

Common code based upon .NET Core 5.0 to support Windows, UNIX and MacOS.

Our Value Proposition


Our products help you comply with Data Security Standard, without causing hindrances to the end users.

Pass-the-hash attacks can be mitigated by managing local account passwords. Passwords are recycled regularly, encrypted and stored in the vault in Active Directory. Delegation, Credential Masking and Auditing features further enhance the product capabilities.


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Product Value Guaranteed

Our product and service offerings clearly demonstrate unparalleled value in the industry. They are reasonably priced to fit your budget and help realize high return on your investment.
Our 365-day money-back guarantee* is unique in the software industry and demonstrates our confidence that the product will function as designed.


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Service Level

The suite of features offered in our products help the business users, IT Service Desk and IT Security Department achieve their service level targets.  The productivity gains realized across various business units will positively impact the bottom line of your organization.

Unique to ADCE, users get instant access to network resources and without wasting time that is required in logging off and logging on to their Windows computers.


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Windows Desktop Users gain Tablet type experience

With ADCE installed, logoff and logon from Windows computers has become an archaic operation.

Windows Users Experience is elevated to the level of a Tablet device user where the user merely locks and unlocks the screen.  All processes that require foreground or background launch are now managed by ADCE and without interfering with users’ normal day to day activities.


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ADCE, for On Prem AD Active Directory Client Extensions

Local Account Password

Complex password is randomly generated, encrypted and stored in AD
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Password Expiration Notification

Password Expiration Notification is displayed even when computer is offline.
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Temporary Elevated Privileges

Users are granted elevated rights for preset time only.
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Advanced Kerberos

Near real-time and in-session update of Kerberos Tickets and Access Token.
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DNS Client Management

Reconcile duplicate DNS Records. Safe Browsing on untrusted networks.
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Group Policy Refreshes

Consistent and predictable Group Policy Refreshes on VPN computers.
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User Profile Management

Allow Updating Selected User Attributes
including jpegPhoto
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Universal LDAP Name

Independent of DNS, same name always resolves to closest available DC.
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Trusted DNS / Safe Browsing

Block access on remote computers to unknown and untrusted sites.
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