ADCE: Group Policy Refreshes

The default Group Policy update mechanism is time based and unpredictable, leaving the systems administrators guessing if and when the Group Policies and Preferences were processed, specially on remote computers.

With ADCE installed, Group Policies  and Preferences are refreshed as soon as the domain computer connects to corporate network via VPN, Wi-Fi or LAN connection.  The software is VPN client agnostic and works with traditional and SSL based VPN client software.
Group Policy Refreshes

Policies are refreshed within a minute after connectivity to corporate network is established.

Time Sync

All Time Sync statistics are discarded and time is set when connectivity to AD is established.

GPO Assigned Computer Startup Scripts

Computer Startup Scripts run on remote computers when VPN connection is established.

More Script options ...

Workstation Lock / Unlock scripts, VPN Connection / Disconnection scripts and more ...

Group Policy Preferences

Preferences such as Drive Map which typically run only during interactive logon are processed by ADCE.

Map Home Drive

Home Drive is mapped to Home Folder when user logs in with cached credentials and starts VPN.

GPO Assigned User Logon Scripts

User Logon Scripts run on remote computers when VPN connection is established.

Network Quality Sensitive

The software is sensitive to networks that may experience packet drops and adjusts the run interval.