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The Ultimate Windows Extensions

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Ultimate Windows Extensions
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Local Administrator (S-500) Password Management

Azure AD Domain Services Ready

Web Management Console

Backup Administrator Password Management

Temporary Elevation Of Domain User Account

Kerberos Ticket Refresh

Advanced Kerberos Ticket Management

Primary Access Token Update

Self Services – Password Reset

Self Services – Account Unlock

Universal LDAP Name Resolution

IPv4 Property searches using LDAP

Wi-Fi Network Adapter Manager

Microsoft SCCM Extensions

Fast Logon Optimization for Win 7

Safe Browsing on Public Networks

Manage DNS CNAME entry for user sAMAcccountName

Manage DHCP Vendor Class ID

Process GPO and User Logon Scripts

BYOD Support

Account Lockout: Remote logoff upon password change

Offline Password Expiration Notification

Duplicate DNS record reconciliation

Group Policy Refresh

Synchronize Windows System Clock

Manage Computer Account Attributes

Manage User Account Expiration Attribute

Self Services – User Account Information

Easy Upgrade to the Next Edition





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